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Marvin Gaye You’re The Man Album Download

Motown pulled the plug on the project in 1972 only to reverse its decision almost 50 years later.

What was meant to be the follow-up release to Marvin Gaye’s masterpiece What’s Goin On, is finally upon us some 50 years after it was slated to drop. As history would have it, You’re The Man was reduced to a fixture in our imaginations, collectively speaking. There’s no doubt, Marvin Gaye was subjected to a rarification process well before he died in the mid-80s, giving his every posthumous release the allure of a “once in a lifetime” affair, his latest lost tape offering gives off the same impression.

At first glance, the grouping of songs on You’re The Man feels a little disorderly, but that’s not why Motown canned the project in 1972. According to a report published by Consequence of Sound, the project was canned for two insoluble reasons: the title track underwhelmed as the lead single, and it had become apparent that Marvin Gaye’s extroverted politics conflicted with those of his Motown boss Berry Gordy. The posthumous release of You’re The Man comes to us loaded with a series of remixes commissioned exclusively to Salaam Remi. Enjoy this one, at last.

You’re The Man

1. “You’re The Man”
2. “The World Is Rated X”
3. “Piece of Clay”
4. “Where Are We Going?”
5. “I’m Gonna Give You Respect”
6. “Try It, You’ll Like It”
7. “You Are That Special One”
8. “We Can Make It Baby”
9. “My Last Chance” (Salaam Remi remix)
10. “Symphony” (Salaam Remi LP mix)
11. “I’d Give My Life for You” (Salaam Remi LP mix)
12. “Woman of the World”
13. “Christmas in the City”
14. “You’re the Man” (alternate version)
15. “I Want to Come Home for Christmas”
16. “I’m Going Home”
17. “Checking Out (Double Clutch)”


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